Automated post when no posts for specific duration

So i have been trying to figure out if this is possible or not in pipes. What i would like to try and do is see if there is a way to create a post if there has not been a post in the rss feed for a specific time. For example if a full 24 hours goes by then there is a post at the end of that 24 hours stating there was zero posts for that day. It doesn't have to be a fancy message just a simple generic one.

Now i am not the greatest at creating pipes. I use it mainly for reformatting and combining rss feeds and it kicks arse at that. I have no idea if this is even possible with my limited skills.

Anyone have any ideas out there?

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  • Pipes couldn't do that for you. You would have to create another (external) script that polls the Pipes RSS/JSON feed you created and monitors it.

    You could easily do that with perl/php/python/nodejs..etc.

    Thanks -Paul

  • hey thanks, i will see what i can do further back in my system then.

  • Let's try this. When the pipe is run the pipe may store (perhaps YQL storage) the utime of the most recent post (SPU) and the utime for when the pipe was run (SRU). So on any run of the pipe the utime of the most recent post (PU) is compared to the SPU. If the PU is greater than the SPU then the PU overwrites the SPU and the the current run time (RU) overwrites the SRU. If the PU is less than the SPU then the SRU is compared to the RU. If the SRU is 24 hours older than the RU then the feed is replaced with a "No recent posts" message. Ah, but what happens if we've pushed out a "No recent posts" message and the next run produces the same results?

    Please pick away.


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