503 error in Google

I have been using Google News RSS feeds for a Yahoo Pipe

Since yesterday I'm getting a 503 error.

Separately, on visiting a google new page - for instance this I don't even see an RSS icon anymore.

I realise there are API limits in place, I just want to know if Google has withdrawn RSS for News feeds?

Is there a workaround for the problem?

Much thanks.


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  • I think they just modified their service, as their help page on how to obtain feeds do not describe the correct process.

    However you can use their alert service on your search, and for the "Deliver to" field, select "feed".

    hope that fixes it.

  • Thank you!

    Tried that, it isn't working as of now. May be Google is transitioning to a new system.

  • Hi,

    I'm also trying to use google news rss feed to merging requests from google news. I'm getting the error 503. Does anyone know more about a transition to a new system or something else? thanks, jlb

  • Hello again,

    update to my previous post with the non-functional link: make your news search as usual, be be sure to be connected to your google account. At the bottom of the page, you have the button "create an alert", click it.

    Open up the alert options through the "show options" button and go for the last field, "Send to": choose RSS feed.



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