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I received a message from the developer of my homepage asking me to assist her to get an answer for her questions. I have no knowledge in building sites but know English and with her it's vice versa %-)

Her question is below. She says that she discovered that Yahoo supports only version 4 and with what she's doing the site will not work correct and fully at some points.

How can I update PHP from version 4 to 5?
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS
Email Tool: none
Site Building Tool: Dreamweaver
Type of Internet Connection: DSL
May we test your account: yes

If any additional information is needed please let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • Dear Svetlana,
    unfortunately there's nothing you can do on your user side as only hosting provider can change PHP version. In this case to upgrade from PHP4 to PHP5. I had the same issue - many Open Source PHP applications require PHP 5 to work properly, I sent multiple e-mails to Yahoo! hosting service representative regarding when they plan to upgrade to PHP5 or to offer both PHP4 and PHP5 (some hosting providers do that) but didn't receive any feedback.

    I would advise you to choose middle sized hosting provider as they offer better customer service and have the most recent stable PHP, MySQL etc. versions.

    Take care,

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