Yahoo attribute Exchange not working. Why ?

I am working on a project which requires openId authentication.... I have integrated it for google. I am using Spring Security's openId support to achieve this and successfully integrated the google support. Now same code is not working for Yahoo. My Spring-Security.xml has following lines of code :-

                <security:openid-attribute name="axContactEmail" type="http://axschema.org/contact/email" required="true"/>
                <security:openid-attribute name="oiContactEmail" type="http://schema.openid.net/contact/email" required="true"/>
                <security:openid-attribute name="axNamePersonFullname" type="http://axschema.org/namePerson" required="true"/>
                <security:openid-attribute name="axNamePersonFriendlyName" type="http://axschema.org/namePerson/friendly" required="true"/>
                <security:openid-attribute name="axNamePersonFirstName" type="http://axschema.org/namePerson/first" required="true"/>
                <security:openid-attribute name="axNamePersonLastName" type="http://axschema.org/namePerson/last" required="true"/>
and somewhere in my code I print the attributes in console...much to my surprise I get following output :-

Email Address  : null
Full name  : null null
Prefered login  : null.null
Identifier here  : https://me.yahoo.com/a/(some random combination number) [correct!! Yes I have verified it]

the same code works perfectly fine for google and displays correct and relevent information....Any clue plz ?

Thanks in advance,

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  • $yahooid->required = array( 'namePerson/first', 'namePerson/last', 'contact/email', );

    in this contact/email value is only fetched. 'namePerson/first', and 'namePerson/last' is not working


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