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I had acquired a BBAuth app. Even after going through the process of having the site verified, members continued on getting the warning that yahoo cannot verify the
website. Somewhere on this forum?, I read about a similar situation, and the advice was to create a new app for OAuth. I did just that, installed the new info and the issue remains....unfortunately I cannot find that specific discussion.

I would appreciate any assistance with this matter. I really dislike having that warning sign for anyone coming to check the site.

Thank you.
Luis Diaz

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  • Hi Luis Diaz,

    Can you please provide your site's name, BBAuth Appid and OAuth consumer
    key so we can check from our end?

    Yu Wang
    Yahoo! Membership Team
  • Hello,

    These are the keys and info for the BBAuth: • BBAuth URL: http://thabridge.com/members/api.emails.php
    ID: 9cFEu43IkY3ovGWijGMcTnF551yTd42ilqW1DPCI
    Shared Secret: 312b84e38a8a8103637a990a2f9aaa35
    Scope: BOSS Search Service
    I must add that a few minutes ago I deleted this application since I had replaced it with the following, which it's the one I'm currently calling through;

    Application ID: IrnZZU7e
    Consumer Key: dj0yJmk9aGZEZHhhc0V6cjhjJmQ9WVdrOVNYSnVXbHBWTjJVbWNHbzlNVFF3TVRJME9UTTJNZy0tJnM9
    Consumer Secret; 8380e2a17674d7879bbffb91a3e8da510f232682
    Application URL: http://www.thabridge.com/OAuth/welcome.html

    Thank you for your prompt reply, for any assistance you may provide.
    Luis Diaz
  • Hello,

    I wanted to add that all seems perfetly fine with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The problem seems to be with IE8.
  • Did I do wrong by deleting my BBAuth app?.........should I get another BBAuth? I was with the impression that the new version of AOuth was replacing the need for
    the BBAuth app.
  • Hi Luis Diaz,

    How can I go through the flow? From your site, I don't see anything I
    can get to the BBAuth/OAuth flow.

    Depending on your application, usually you just need either BBAuth or
    OAuth, not both. Which one to use depends on the Yahoo! Web service APIs
    that you want to call.

    Yu Wang
  • Hello Yu Wang,

    I have tested with Chrome, Safari, IE8 and Firefox. Out of these 4 browsers, only when using IE8 and Firefox I get the warning sign of the website
    not being verified........Chrome and Safari put me through without any warnings.....I am only using AOuth.

    What's the relation between these two browsers, IE8 and Firefox, and the warning from Yahoo? It's a mayor concern when I believe these two specific
    browsers are the most commonly used.....Yesterday a friend ask me about the warning sign, and decided to wait until I had the issue corrected
    because she simply felt the warning had a purpose. I happen to agree with her, I would have felt the same way. I hope to find the riddle to this.

    Thank you for looking into it for me, for your assistance with this matter. I'm grateful.
    Luis Diaz
  • Hi Luis Diaz,

    Did you mean the following warning when a Yahoo! user signed into
    your web site with her OpenID:

    "Warning: Yahoo! cannot verify this website. We recommend you do not
    share any personal information with this website."

    To get rid of this warning, you need to modify the following file:
    to add your openid.return_to URL in it. For example, you will
    need to merge the following with your existing XRDS file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <Service priority="0">

    I cannot find any BBAuth/OAuth flows from your web site.
    Can you please provide information on how to go through
    the flows?

    Yu Wang

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