OpenID verification failure on OpenId URL (JAVA)

I am trying to let users to login with yahoo OpenId in to my application using this [code]


I tied connecting to "yahoo.com" for open id which failed to process the reqeust, later according to [this] http://developer.yahoo.com/forum/OpenID-General-Discussion/Using-yahoo-com-as-provider-URL-fails-/1283442925000-b720c83c-4ee0-378a-ac29-d37ffe6b0647, I changed it to "me.yahoo.com" it worked fine, but not i figured out that the request is actually failing, resulting an exception saying

verification failed for http://me.yahoo.com/a/{id}..

To my surprise, the same code I used works fine with the other application i hosted. Is there any thing related to IP/ Geographic specification problems which raises an exception while openid url verification. Which bothers me more is, the error is not raised consistently, it works fine sometimes.

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