OpenID login with Yahoo broke today

Were there any changes to Yahoo's OpenID login today?

openid4java is giving me this:

SEVERE: Verification failed for: https://me.yahoo.com/a/RESTofURL reason: Local signature verification failed

Where RESTofURL is each user's unique ID.

That's using http://me.yahoo.com/

It worked fine yesterday. All other OpenID identity providers still working.

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  • Hey, we've been getting the exact same signature verification issue for at least the last hour...

  • I'm having the same issue with my Yahoo OpenID today. Getting a "Bad signature" message.

  • Same issue here. I think Yahoo must have changed something. The lib I am using has not changed in months (passport-yahoo for nodejs).

  • Same problem here - we started seeing problems intermittently last Friday (on a site using python social auth) and now consistently today.

    I tried several other sites Yahoo Open ID: https://getsatisfaction.com/login + http://www.speedsterowners.com/ + http://social.matiasaguirre.net/ + http://openid-demo.appspot.com/

    It seems universally now Yahoo's OpenID implementation is broken.

  • Starting around the end of last week, I've had openid4java start intermittently failing with Yahoo OpenID logins. Unfortunately all openid4java's telling me is "reason: null", but it's probably the same issue. Google still works fine, my OpenID code hasn't changed in well over a year, and it's a pretty vanilla implementation of the openid4java SampleConsumer class.

    Logins work one hour, then don't work a couple hours later. Maybe some of the Yahoo OpenID servers are working fine, and some aren't?

  • ETA on a fix?

  • Same problem while trying to use yahoo openid for metaoptimize.com/qa forum.

  • Any update on this issue??

  • We are actively investigating what you have reported.

  • I cannot access to sagenb.org with Yahoo OpenID. Why? How can I do this?

  • When I checked my rig yesterday afternoon, I found I'd been logged out and couldn't log back in w/openid. While it's my understanding that Bitminter says the problem is limited to being able to log in and mining is continuing, my rigs ASIC chips are barely warm to the touch, which leads me to believe hashing is NOT happening. If this is "limited to log-in", how did I get logged out?

  • tylee, do you work for Yahoo?

  • our users using Yahoo as an openID provider are getting errors since last night. Other providers (google and verisign) are working fine.

    Please troubleshoot.

  • Hi All, Yahoo! has rolled out a fix for the issue and all issues are expected to be resolved by 4:15 PM PST or earlier. We have checked metaoptimize.com/qa and it seems to be working fine now.

  • http://www.speedsterowners.com has also started working now. Please do keep us posted if you face any issues after 4:15 PM.

  • https://bitminter.com is working

    Thanks for the fix :)

  • Hey Kamal,

    Thanks for the update! Is there somewhere we can go to monitor the status of Yahoo's Open ID service so that we can notify our customers appropriately in the case it goes down?


  • @Kamal V Thank you very much!

  • Second @Zachary question of a place to monitor uptime. It would be great to have a place where Yahoo devs could post if something goes down and update the community with a status rather than rely on the community to debug their apps until realizing that Yahoo is experiencing issues and then file an issue in the forums.

    Any thoughts from Yahoo on such a workflow?

  • @Kamal, Any updates on this? Is there a way to monitor Yahoo's service so that we can appropriately respond to our customers if there is an outage?


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