Is there an API to prefill username on openid login page?

I work on Mozilla Persona which uses yahoo openID. We would like to improve user experience by pre-filling in a username. Could you let us know how we could do something like that?


1) Visit Yahoo! Sign out.

2) Visit 123done.org

3) click sign in button on top right

4) Enter someuser@yahoo.com

5) Click "Next" on redirection screen.

6) I'm asked for my email address again.

issue: https://github.com/mozilla/browserid-bigtent/issues/125

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  • Yes! Where was mine same reopen ID as prefill username openID same acct with my old 2 alternatives not new alternatives follow the partners /relationship are related with manage also real name Patricia. Wanna to change pw or recall old pw still has new nbr# just removed old nbr# simple so my partners and relationship know new one nbr just released old nbr # same where do we live. Rebrowser or new. Let me know where I used it with them for since may 13. I pray for that so badly. Yes Yahoo! Could you let us know We could ask you do something like this.

  • Why ?????


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