Has Yahoo OAuth OpenID sign been down all day today? (3/19/14)

We have not been able to sign in using Yahoo OpenID Oauth all day. I keep getting 'Error contacting provider'.

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  • I get the same error since yesterday on my web application too...

  • Why no word from Yahoo? Certainly this is impacting many people.

  • Yahoo completely sucks! No wonder they are losing the email game to Gmail.

    This happens all the time.

    We've built an app for a client who's main investor logins to the app via Yahoo... can you imagine how pissed he is when the app he funded doesn't work?

    We're recommending to the client that they pull Oauth from the app and replace with twitter login.

    And no email notification to the developer community? Thanks Yahoo you're awesome! Keep up the great work!

  • I'm having the same problem with my web app.

    It seems to connect to https://open.login.yahooapis.com/openid/op/auth which is no longer available, even though my OpenID endpoint has been set to use https://me.yahoo.com/ .


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