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I recently made some changes to some sites I work on that use Yahoo login. I was trying to try and make sure that the OpenID callback was taking place over HTTPS. Although I thought things went smoothly, I now get a mysterious error when initiating the process, that just says "Sorry! There is an error with the request we received from the website you are trying to use. Please try again in a few minutes. If this error persists please contact the site administrator.".

Specifically, I get this error when I am on http://www.sbnation.com/login and I click on the Yahoo sign in. Is it possible to figure out specifically what this erorr is? Since I am the site administrator and am trying to fix this, it would be very helpful.



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  • Any luck? We are also facing the same issue. https://unitedprosperity.org/us/login_form but I access the url with ip instead of FQDN it works There is difference in the redirecting url open.login.yahoo.com from ip and for fqdn it redirects to open.login.yahooapis.com.

    It was working perfectly fine earlier

  • I never found out a way to get more helpful feedback on the Yahoo side, but the problem turned out to be because we were using different protocols (http, https) for our 'return_to' and 'realm' fields, and the OpenID spec is pretty strict about them matching.


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