yos-social-objc: consumer_key_rejected, SocialSample iPhone app crashing

Hello everyone,

I want to post Bookmarks on Delicious, and have to use OAuth for Delicious accounts with Yahoo logins.

First I tried mpoauthconnection, but always get "oauth_problem: consumer_key_rejected" as a result.

So I tried Yahoos own implementation, but even their SocialSample application is crashing (!, EXEC_BAD_ACCESS) when trying it with the keys provided by the website. When debugging the code I found out that the reason is the same, but am quite shocked that a company like Yahoo does not provide a fail-safe sample.

I checked the consumerKey and shareKey twice and even created several apps in the Yahoo Dashboard using different key-combos , but with no success.

Does anyone know how I can check the OAuth-Communication?

Thank you,


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