meme API doesn't work with my access token (working with other services)

hello guys

I have a strange problem with the meme API. I definitely authenticated using an OAuth library I wrote myself as I have no problem making requests to delicious for instance. But when I try to post something on meme using the same access token I get:

"description":"Authentication Error. The table meme.user.posts requires a higher security level than is provided, you provided ANY but at least USER is expected"}

how is that possible? I checked my developer account and I definitely activated meme (read and write) so the data I am using (consumerKey and consumerSecret) to create the access token should allow me to write and delete stuff from my meme account after authentication.

I dunno ... I am stuck sad.gif

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  • Hi,

    Can you please provide the detailed HTTP request and response headers
    so we can help check where it can go wrong?

    Yu Wang
    Yahoo! Membership Team

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