additional_authorization_required when POSt new contact

Hi All,

I'm having an odd isue. I create a Project with full permitions to all APIs. When I try to do a POST to the following URL


It returns me a 401 Unauthorized and in the message oAuth oauth_problem="additional_authorization_required"

My client token is dj0yJmk9aEozb3hvbEZyNktjJmQ9WVdrOU1FbEdVVkZYTkc4bWNHbzlNakF6TURFek5qWXkmcz1jb25z

I don't know what is happening, in the My Project page says that I have all the permisions.

Hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance!

Damian Lado

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  • Hi Damian,

    A consumer key can have at most 7 scopes for it to be accepted. The current
    consumer key creation page doesn't enforce this and it will be enforced
    in the future.

    Can you please create a new ckey with the only scopes you need and try again?

    Yu Wang
    Yahoo! Membership Team

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