What address to use in order to obtain OAuth access token (Newbie)

I read that authentication requires two steps . In the first step you send a get request by sending a get request at https://login.yahoo.com/WSLogin/V1/get_auth_token? as a result you get a request token. I was successful in getting a request token however I do not know which address to connect to in order to send a get request for the access token.

I have the following values string auth_ = "&Authorization: OAuth"; string realm = "&realm=yahooapis.com"; string oauth_consumer_key = "&oauth_consumer_key=dj0yJm......WIy"; //This is Consumer Key string oauth_nonce = "&oauth_nonce=24829.2331"; string oauth_signature_method = "&oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT"; string tstamp = "&oauth_timestamp=1219450170"; string oauth_token = "&oauth_token=A%3"; string oauth_version = "&oauth_version=1.0"; string oauth_signat = "&oauth_signature=cbbe4...ba";

What address should I send a get request at : The first one was https://login.yahoo.com/WSLogin/V1/get_auth_token?.... What would the second one be

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