Verifying domains with automatic redirect to https

I've been trying to verify a few domains and every time I'm failing and I think it is due to redirects --- most of the time.

Our root domain, http://domain.com, redirects to http://www.domain.com, so I think that is a problem.

http://app.domain.com redirects to https://app.domain.com, so the https redirect is a problem.
Same issue for http://dev.domain.com.

However, http://www.domain.com, does not do a redirect and the URL loads just fine in the browser but it still fails verification.

Is there any documentation that guides one through the process? Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

Thank you!

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  • Same here. No idea how to fix it.

  • Hey,

    I understand you cannot work with dev.domain.com, right ? I've got this issue for several days, can't find a way to wor arounf


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