Valid AppID but requires registration

Hi I'm trying to call https://yboss.yahooapis.com/ysearch/web?q=Apple and I'm getting 401 "Valid AppID but requires registration"

What does this mean and how do I solve it?

The app has a credit card registered to it and the domain has been verified.

Many thanks,


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  • Strange. It just started working. I guess there was something on the yahoo side that changed.

  • Same problem here. With a different http status though (403). I have a verified domain and a registered credit card. Any clues ?

    Thx, Gaetan

  • me too. what happen

  • Same problem in our account also. Valid Credit Card all authentication successful except for the cryptic message about registration. Is there a place we need to register? Please help. gopi

  • I am getting same error how can i resolve it? {"error":{"lang":"en-US","description":"Valid AppID but requires registration."}}

  • I see the same error also and waited 4 days. Valid credit card on account and domain was verified.

    All I get is a 403 - "Valid AppID but requires registration."

  • I am receiving the same error message today. I am trying to perform this integration for a client and we are at a complete standstill. Please advise!


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