Unable to generate API Key for domains beginning with number

Getting an API key results to this page even if you skip verification in the "Verify your domain" screen.

Domain Verification Failed

There was an internal error while an application is being created. Please try again.

This seems to be the problem with application domains beginning with a number. These domains have the error. Entering other domains with alpha characters work fine. Does Yahoo have a restriction for the domains?


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  • Hi Jason,

    I have checked with the team that manages the domain verification.
    Currently they don't allow any part of the host name to start with
    digit. We are sorry that you are blocked from this verification service
    at this time. However, these rules will be relaxed in their next
    release and then you will be allowed to go through the verification.
    We'll keep you updated.

    Yu Wang
    Yahoo! Membership Team

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