Unable to fetch contacts after getting access token

Hi All,

After getting access token and guid , i am sending following request.


It giving response as

{"error":{"lang":"en-US","description":"Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem=\"signature_invalid\", realm=\"yahooapis.com\""}}

i am using signature as consumer_secret&token_secret.

I tried with by giving token_secret

as get_request_token response token_secret
and get_token response as well.

But i have no luck.

What is the solution for this.

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  • Hi,

    Because the Social API is served on HTTP, you have to sign the
    request with HMAC-SHA1. Plaintext mode is not supported because
    your consumer key secret and token secret are sent in the clear.

    Yu Wang
  • How do I do the HMAC-SHA1 signature? Any example in java? Documentation on yahoo does not help at all.

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