Random Oauth Failure (Forbidden)

I am using [Yahoo] Oauth to connect/read yahoo Contacts for our website. I am using Spring Oauth implementation (with Spring security). I got the consumer key from yahoo. The Authentication to the yahoo and reading email contacts work fine some time. This means the (Spring) security setup from the client side is good/correct and the Yahoo keys obtained are valid.

However this setup fails often. I do not get any error/diagnostic messages. All I get from the Oauth client library is "forbidden".
Could someone help me ? What is going on here and how can I debug this? Why should it work sometimes and not work other times?


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  • Hi,

    For troubleshooting, can you please modify the Spring OAuth implemenation
    such that it prints out the HTTP request it sends and the response it
    gets and then copy them here? Then we can help check.

    Yu Wang
    Yahoo! Membership Team

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