Obtaining the OAuth confirmation code

I have created an iPhone app that posts bookmarks on Delicious.

I followed the steps described in http://delicious.com/help/oauthapi. As oauth_callback, I supply oob.

I use OAuth for the communication, but the step with copying a confirmation code (= oauth_verifier parameter) is cumberstone.

My app's current flow from the user's perspective is as follows:

  1. The user is presented a webpage where to login to Yahoo.
  2. The user is presented a webpage with a higlighted 6-digit code which he should copy to the application.

Copying this code on the iPhone is quite cumberstone for the user (Zoom in, mark the right element, press "Paste" in the popup).

Is there an easy way to obtain the confirmation code (oauth_verifier) programatically (e.g. from the requested URLs)?

Or is there a dedicated API using Yahoo OAuth with mobile devices?



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  • Hi Reiner,

    There isn't a way to programmatically fetch the confirmation code. I filed your comment as a bug though, so we can look into ways of making the flow easier on a mobile device.

    Best regards
  • [Hi Folks,

    I am also facing the same problem. I have to get "oauth_verifier" programmatically.
    I am using "SocialSample" code. There was missing two files( hmac.c,hmac.h & sha1.c,sha1.h).
    But i am already having these files.

    I want to implement this feature same as MobileRSS application.
    Please help me. I will really appreciate your answer ASAP.


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