Oauth "signature_valid": Can't get oauth to work withYahoo???

I am making a request directly to yahoo like this:


But it always returns "signature_invalid".

I have tried putting this into the header, into a query string like above. I have tried changing my application key and secret. I have tried https and http. Nothing works.

Does this not work at all?

I'm trying to use this with ruby with no luck. I've searched this and it seems there's a ton of people with this same problem.

Any ideas?


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  • In case anyone stumbles upon this, here's what was going on.

    In ruby, using the oauth gem, I was passing a hash of the same query params to the "get_request_token" method:

    consumer.get_request_token(:oauth_callback => callback_url, {hash of => other stuff})

    That adds a body to the request or something, so just leave it out:

    consumer.get_request_token(:oauth_callback => callback_url)

    Everything works! Wooo

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