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No matter what I do, I get the same error always while using the contacts api. I am able to get the access token and token secret by using PLAINTEXT as signature method. But the problem occurs when I use HMAC-SHA1 to get the signature and in turn use it to access the contacts api. PLEASE help me out 

The details are :-

 consumer_key =>'dj0yJmk9MXFXTENUTDBHZTVpJmQ9WVdrOVFsbHpVbUZTTmpRbWNHbzlOakUzTkRVNU16WXkmcz1jb25zdW1lcnNlY3JldCZ4PTEx'                          
    consumer_secret  =>  '796c86aeaaf18da038eeb20f3576d6e9c3dd87ea'                ,

I am using http://oauth.googlecode.com/svn/code/javascript/example/signature.html to check if the signature is valid or not. The signature is a valid one. I'm percent encoding this to be used in the api as well. But still the problem persists. I would be thank-full if you could help me out!!!

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