OAuth Authorization Flow error in yahoo login page : Java script error : access denied

My OAuth Authorization (flow) implementation worked ok. Before a month stopped working due to a javascript error in login page.
C# / Internet Explorer browser control
1. request token
var loginUrl = "https://api.login.yahoo.com/oauth/v2/get_request_token?" + urlBuilder.ToString(); var httpRequest = HttpWebRequest.Create(loginUrl);
2. response redirects to yahoo login page
3. The login page displayed in webbrowser
4. Inserting Yahoo!ID ( email ) and Password then click Sign In
Java scripterror 
An error has occurred in the script  on this page.
Line : 20 Char: 2933 Error:Access is denied Code: 0 URL: https://s.yimg.com/lq/lib/reg/js/yahoo_container-min_json-min_connection_main-min-new.js

Any help?

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  • no. noting yet. same error

    Line : 20
    Char: 2933
    Error:Access is denied
    Code: 0

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