Is it possible to bypass the "authorizing access" screen when accessing the Sports API?

I have a Rails app that allows people to sign in with their Yahoo credentials, using Devise and Omniauth. The login is working fine. I can access their fantasy sports team in the app on their behalf, and refresh their token when it expires in an hour.

That being said, when you first log in, and pass through Yahoo's site, there's a screen that says you're "authorizing access" for our web app to access your Yahoo information. This is considered disruptive to what we're trying to do, and I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to bypass this screen.

(I was hoping that once the site was "validated" from the developer console, this would go away, but all that did was remove the warning that our app had not ben "verified.")

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  • Hi David, Since you are trying to access user data, the permission screen has to be shown to the user. It cannot be bypassed.


    Yahoo Oauth Team.

  • Can we be able to bypass login screen and pass the username and password as parameters to the service? Please do reply if any other possibilities. Our client does not want to see the Login screen - Instead he wanted customize it.


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