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Hey all,

I need to send a message to a yahoo contact, and I need to ensure that I am building the URL correctly as I seem to have a host of issues and am trying to go through a process of elimination. I'm using C#, and below you will see the URL I'm building.
1.) This link shows the address format as this: /v1/message/{network}/{targetId}. From what you see below, am I interpreting this correctly? 2,) Can this call be done with PLAINTEXT and not HMAC-SHA1?

StringBuilder url = new StringBuilder();
url.Append("?sid="   HttpUtility.UrlEncode(sessionID));
url.Append("&oauth_consumer_key="   HttpUtility.UrlEncode(consumerKey));
url.Append("&oauth_nonce="   HttpUtility.UrlEncode(nonce));
url.Append("&oauth_signature="   HttpUtility.UrlEncode(signature));
url.Append("&oauth_timestamp="   HttpUtility.UrlEncode(timeStamp));
url.Append("&oauth_token="   HttpUtility.UrlEncode(_oauthToken));
url.Append("&oauth_version="   HttpUtility.UrlEncode(version));

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