HELP: After user login the user is redirected back to initial yahoo page

I followed the quick start steps for OAuth. After I login in Step 3 I am brought back to the main yahoo page.

Here is a snipet of my code:

client = new OpenSocialClient();
client.setProperty(OpenSocialClient.Property.CONSUMER_SECRET, SHARED_SECRET);
client.setProperty(OpenSocialClient.Property.CONSUMER_KEY, KEY);
Token token = OpenSocialOAuthClient.getRequestToken(client, OpenSocialProvider.YAHOO);
String authUrl = OpenSocialOAuthClient.getAuthorizationUrl(OpenSocialProvider.YAHOO, token, "oob");

authUrl = "https://api.login.yahoo.com/oauth/v2/request_auth?oauth_token=kxyxnvy&oauth_callback=oob"

I copy and paste the authUrl to my browser and proceed to login and approve my access. After I login I am brought back to the main yahoo page.

According the the quick start
"If the oauth_callback is set to oob in Step 2, the OAuth Verifier is not included as a response parameter and is instead presented once the User grants authorization to your application."

Does anyone what I am doing wrong ?


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  • Problem solved. For anyone else that encountered this problem a url callback is required without it you will be redirected back to yahoo main page.

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