Get Search XML From Browser?

I am new to this OAuth stuff, and I have been trying to just experiment with the API to see what it yields before I go much farther down this path. I wish to form a single string that could just be pasted into a browser address bar and contains all the necessary info to get results for say: "Sports" on <site:gamefly.com>

I have found this oddly difficult due to a complete lack of examples to interact with the BOSS API in this fashion: http://yboss.yahooapis.com/ysearch/limitedweb?q=sports&sites=gamefly.com&start=0&format=xml&api_key=[My Consumer Key]

In my naïve world this should be returning an xml file with 50 search results. What am I missing? It either can't do this like some API's I have seen or I am just hitting some form of red tape here. Any help would be appreciated.

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