Domain Verification Failed

Hi, I'm trying to get a API key for my app. I got message "Domain Verification Failed". I filled fields with following values: Application Name: faxianla Application ID: Q9EgbD3e  Kind of Application: web-based Application URL: http://faxianla.com verify url : http://faxianla.com/DHxR3.A_LjqQYprCQijrVA--.html  
Anybody can give me a help?

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  • I am receiving the same error even though I can access the url via web browser without any error. Can someone on the Yahoo side please check and verify that the domain verification is working.

  • I have the same issue- verification does not work. Even after I create new project - it still generate the same verification file name and does nnot recognize verification file with this name located in my site root directory. Need your assistance asap...
  • I am also having the same error

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