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I looked for my error on the forum and i found posts but without solution, so i'm making my own thread.

The problem is that i requested an API Key for the OAuth system, when i go to "My Projects" i see the project i created with my API Key and all the informations.

The problem is that i didn't want to use this Yahoo! account to request the API Key, so i tried to delete the project, and login with the other Yahoo! account but when i request again the API Key for the same domain i have this error during the domain verification step :

"There was an internal error while an application is being created. Please try again"

So i tried to request the API Key again with the first account, and it worked, but i can't keep this API Key linked with my personal account.

If anybody can help me to delegate this API Key on a second Yahoo! account ? or to request the API Key on the second account without having this error :s

Thank you in advance for your help

PS : sorry if i don't speak very well english, i did my best smile.gif

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  • Hi Julien,

    There's nothing in place to stop you from create multiple apps using the same domain. There are a few reasons why the registration process might fail, though:
    - the phrases "Yahoo", "Yahoo!", and "Y!" cannot be in the app name or description
    - the app domain must be publicly accessible, ie Yahoo!'s servers have to be able to make requests to it
    - you cannot use custom ports or an IP address for the app domain
    - there are a few required image urls in the registration form and the registration will fail if these are not filed in with valid urls

    Best regards

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