Creating a New Project with Oauth

I am simply trying to create a new project here: https://developer.apps.yahoo.com/dashboard/createKey.html and I can't get the form to submit.

I am working on a native iOS email client and trying to support yahoo accounts, so I need to use the oauth protocol. However, when I get to the field on the 'create a new project form' where it asks you to 'Please specify the domain to which your application will be returning after successfully authenticating', it does not seem to accept anything that I put in there. I am entering a url to a blank page as a placeholder since I want to return to my app after authenticating, but the form will not let me submit and create a project with what I am entering in this field. There is no error given, the page just won't submit.

Can anyone suggest a work around for this?

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  • Also, anything that is not an http URL will not submit either. So no custom URL schemes it seems.


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