Can't create project if App Type is Mobile/Desktop

Title pretty much explains it all. When I try to create a new project, if the Application Type is Mobile/Desktop then the page will just reload itself. Choosing Application Type Web-based works just fine.

Additionally, supplying a custom URL scheme for the oauth_callback parameter results in a 401 status, with the error message declaring that I have not supplied the oauth_callback parameter.

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  • I am seeing this as well

  • Have the same issue

  • Have the same issue. Any news on this issue???

  • I get this:

    API Key Creation Failed There was an internal error that caused a failure over here. Please try again.

    Is anyone from Yahoo paying attention???

    Open forums are good for "support," to learn how things work when they work. But what about when it doesn't work.There's nothing I can do for an "internal error."

    I'm new to this API and I'd like to use it for a group that uses Yahoo groups but at some point I need to give up on Yahoo-based authentication and just get on with a solution with something else.


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