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Hi All,

I am integrating yos-social-objc in my iPhone application(with callback url 'oob') to fetch contact list of a user. When I press the 'connect to yahoo' button in my application it opens up safari where user can enter his credentials to login. But after login it only shows this message "To complete sharing of Yahoo! info with , enter code "5xbatf" into ."

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi everyone, I am also getting the same browser message and facing same problem as Vivek. I have searched for almost all possible solutions but all my labour in vain. It is driving me so mad.....:( And can't find any other ways.

    If someone got the solution without getting any web-server help. Please, inform me. And Vivek, you have been in this situation for very long so, if you already found solution. Please let me know.

    Thanks all.

  • Recently yahoo change its privacy policy.


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