Always error when trying to get an API Key

I'm trying to get an API Key without success.
But Domain Verification Is Ok
API Key Creation Failed
There was an internal error that caused a failure over here. Please try again.

This is my data:
Application Name:Login Reg
Kind of Application: Web-based
Description:Login And Reg
Application URL: http://www.olgclub.com/yahoo.php
Favicon URL:http://www.olgclub.com/images/yahoo.png
Application Domain: http://www.olgclub.com
Access Scopes:This app will only access public APIs, Web Services, or RSS feeds.

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  • The Application and Favicon URLs cannot have the work "yahoo" in them. Try renaming those to something different, then you should be able to create the API key.

    Brian Cantoni
    Yahoo! Developer Network

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