Always error when trying to get an API Key


I'm trying to get an API Key without success. I have tried both verifying and not verifying the domain, always with the same result:

Domain Verification Failed
There was an internal error while an application is being created. Please try again.

This is my data:

Application Name: test.6lyrics
Kind of Application: Web-based
Application URL: http://test.6lyrics.com
Application Domain: htte://test.6lyrics.com
Access Scopes: This app requires access to private user data. (I selected read for Yahoo! Contacts)

I added the html file on the server, and if i check the url, i get an empty html file.
So, what causes these problem?

I did not add any favicon.

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  • Hi Andreea,

    Current domain verification requires that any part of the domain should
    start with letters a-z/A-Z. In your case "6lyrics" doesn't pass the
    test so verification fails. The team who manages the domain verification
    will relax the requirement in their future release.

    Yu Wang
    Yahoo! Membership Team

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