5% of our 500000 users cannot login with BBAuth

I know this is a forum of "OAuth", but the "BBAuth" forum is not there any more.
We are a Taiwan based social network site.
Our website has more than 500000 BBAuth users, and starting from a few weeks ago, we encountered a serious problem.
I don't know who I can talk to, but it would be great if some one could help us.

About 5% of our users reported they cannot login with Yahoo! BBAuth any more.
When they clicked "Yahoo! login" button on our site, it leads to Yahoo! login page correcty.
But after they type account name and passwords,
it goes to a page that is totally empty.
The url of that empty page looks like https://api.login.yahoo.com/WSLogin/V1.........

Could somebody help me?
thank you very much!

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  • Hi Andy,

    You can use the OAuth forum to ask BBAuth related questions.

    Can you please tell us what your site is so we can try the
    flow and see if we can reproduce it in our environments?

    Also when you see the blank page, can you please view its
    source and copy it here?

    Yu Wang
    Yahoo! Membership Team

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