What is Happening to the Channels

I have a Vizio 42' E-series tv ( no 3d) and when i first got it last month I was satisfied with my purchase given the apps and how detailed they were but I've noticed in the past week that a lot of the Channels show options are disappearing and I'm left to think WTF I WASN"T DONE WATCHING THAT!!! If someone (ANYONE) could help me with this dilemma I would greatly appreciate that. I mean are any of the developers developing a way to access the websites without using these crappy channels if so please send me ur email because quite frankly my store warranty isn't up yet and I'm really thinking about adding a few hundred bucks to get a google tv instead, but I really don't wanna have to do that if I don't have to....HELP

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  • The majority of apps are built and controlled by the publishers and developers. You can not access webpages from Y! Connected TV. Generally viewing webpages is a very poor experience on TV.


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