Welcome Desktop Widget Developers!

Welcome Desktop Widget Developers! You will find buildingapps for Yahoo! Connected TV is very similar to building desktop widgets. Infact, we are using a JavaScript framework which abstracts most of thecomplexity from Konfabulator.Over 8 million living rooms have a Yahoo! Connected TVcreating an awesome opportunity for developers.

How to get started:
Get the Yahoo! Connected TV Widget Developer Kit(WDK)
Build something awesome!
Submit to Yahoo!
Your will go live and become available tomillions of TVs around the world

We’re excited to see your creativity unleashed. With yourhelp, we’ll make the Connected TV experience even better for millions of peoplearound the globe.

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  • Hello
    I have been out of State taking care of my mom, came back and found out,that we can not get yahoo widgets anymore,
    Really makes me angry, I need to get a few back that I lost and there is no where to go to get them
    Someone should of opened a site that allows users to continue to get those we need
    Thanks a bunch yahoo, you let me down big time

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