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I've successfully used the Messenger API.. But after a couple of times I used, it gave me an error.. client.php said "Fetching request token failed".. and curl said this error : Error=UserMustLogin ErrorDescription=The user must manually login using a web browser on https://login.yahoo.com

Then I created a new yahoo account again, make the consumer key and consumer secret then I tried the messenger API for second time. And the same problem and error occured again. I could use this new account for several times, then the error above (UserMustLogin) appeared again..

Actually I used the Messenger API in cronjobs. So the API should be opened every 5 minutes. Basicly Yahoo messenger logged in every 5 minutes because the API. But I dont know if it make a problem.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong and what must I do.? Because I dont yet find the answer.

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