Coment Style notification returns error 403


I have managed to login to the messenger and get notification using the comet-style notification in Java.

But when I am receiving notification and then trying to listen for the new notifications, i sometimes get error 403. (bad IM cookie or URI credentials), when i am repeating the EXACT same url in the second attempt to listen for notificatiosn, it works...

What am i doing wrong??


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  • Solve it....

    It seems that Yahoo has bugs in the comet style notifications, when working without cookies.

    I have switched to cookies-based im token transfer and all works!

    Enjoy.... -Y

  • I also cannot log in on my mobile yahoo messenger,eve while using the correct ID and password. i get a response of "invalid yahoo ID or password.Remember password is case sensitive.(code 409)" please help me,because if i put the same ID and password on web,it works. PLEASE HELP ME OUT

  • Susan,

    This forum is for developers. Please visit help.yahoo.com for help with Yahoo Messenger.



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