[Q] Start Programming a Yahoo Messenger For ANDROID

I am an java programmer. im trying to develop a free yahoo messenger for android (and maybe java SE/ME) i dont know, how i can connect to yahoo servers and send/receive messages... and also i dont know yahoo messenger servers and ports...

i searched in the net a few monthes ago. i find 3 libraries for doing this:

  1. jYMSG: a library for java SE, but i thing i can use it for android programming.

  2. OpenYMSG: based on jYMSG Library.

  3. aymsg: i dont use it yet! :D

about the yahoo messenger servers and ports i find something (csc.msg.yahoo. , etc.) but know, i asked my questions in yahoo forum! i thing this way is better! ;-)


  • How can i connect to yahoo messenger for login/receive messages/send messeges/get contacts/...?

  • Are there any official library for developing a yahoo messenger app for java (android, SE and ME) like jYMSG, OpenYMSG and aymsg?

  • Please tell me best yahoo messenger server(s) and port(s).

If i can develop this app, i will upload it in net as a free messenger.

thank you.

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