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Changelog for Nov 11th, 2009

bugfix - The meme.following and meme.followers tables are now returning the correct number of results.

change - The Meme Scope is now being enforced. Early apps created when we didn't have it can break because of this. Please refer to this topic to see how your app can adjust.

update - The maximum number of memes a user can follow is now 1000.

update - The meme.popular table now accepts the "id" locale, for Bahasa Indonesia. The available options are "en", "es", "pt" and "id".

update - The queries for meme.following and meme.followers tables can now be done using lists of GUIDs:
SELECT * FROM meme.followers WHERE owner_guid=me and guid in ('GUID1XXXYYY', 'GUID2XXXYYY', 'GUID3XXXYYY')

update - The performance of the meme.following and meme.followers tables when filtering the results by GUIDs has been hugely improved. Now this filtering takes place in the Meme servers before sending it out to YQL.
For example, this query brings all my two-way connections on Meme (my followers that I follow back):
SELECT * FROM meme.followers WHERE owner_guid=me and guid in (SELECT guid FROM meme.following(1000) WHERE owner_guid=me)

deprecation - The meme.memes table is deprecated. Please use meme.people instead

deprecation - Wherever posts are returned, the "category" field is deprecated. Count on the "type" field instead.

deprecation - Other fields were deprecated so they would have a name that better described their contents. So, "via" is now "via_guid" and "origin" is now "origin_guid".

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