Need to detect safari web browesr

I have looked all over the web for a detection code that will hint to the user that they are using safari 3,4 or 5 but to no luck.
I am hoping someone will give me a hack to this jquery code below


$(document).ready(function() {
if( $.browser.safari )
alert( ' The developer of this website have detected that your are using safari web brower, if you want to see this website at its best you should use either Chrome,
firefox or opera ' );

if u read the alert string its to inform the user that its not best to view in safari.
plz dont tell me that your already got the correct think in place by using $browser.safari, both safari and chrome are both based on webkit.
My problem is that doesn't alert in safari but it alerts in chrome when chrome is one(1) of my best viewed browsers

so plz could someone help me
my email is

[email] rudyjessop@yahoo.co.uk [/email]

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