Network reconnecting handling

I've got the following bug description from Yahoo QA team about my widget:
Widget: Snippet showing No data after reconnecting the network

*** Tested on Samsung 2010 ***

Widget version: 0.1.0
Reproducibility: 100%

1.Remove the network connection
2.Start TV
3.Launch widget side bar
4.It shows connection Unavailable dialog
5.Select Close widget from the connection unavailable dialog
6.Reconnect the network
7.Again launch the widget side bar
8.it's showing map for selected city
9.Back to DOCK

Firstly, I tried to check it in Simulator. I've disconnected network and started Simulator. It shown the following:
We can not establish an http connection which is required to
update widgets. Please check your network and proxy settings
(Applications/TV Widgets/Simulator Settings menu). You can bypass this
network check by entering YES at the prompt or simply hit ENTER to exit now.

I've input YES in the Terminal window and pressed Enter, but it is just closed.
How should I bypass this check?

I've added the following code to my init.js:
var EventHandlers = {
onNetworkRestored: function(event) {

['onNetworkRestored','onNetworkConnectionReconnect'], EventHandlers);

is that right?

2 Replies
  • here is the way to run simulator without network connection
  • No... There is not way to start the simulator without a network connection. It makes the simulator a limited place for network connection testing, at start up.

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