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Hello, I'm really just getting started with the connected tv widgets and am struggling to find where the playlists are managed and stored. My question is how can I create a sample app that gets a list of videos from an api call and starts playing them. Any help and/or pointers to a good tutorial online would be greatly appreciated.

The media player sample works, but I'm struggling to find where the playlists are managed.


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  • In the mediaplayer example, did you check the file basicplayer.js? The method _createPlaylist creates a playlist using the playlist data in api.js

  • I was able to follow through the sample code and find what I was looking for. But I'm now stuck with a different problem. I'm trying to play a video I created but keep getting the error

    Message: don't know how to handle text/html

    Any ideas on why I'm seeing this? When I hit the URL with a browser, the video streams just fine, do I need to stream the video differently for the TV?
  • just a guess here but looks like your content-type in the html header is text/html not a video mime type.  the URL fed needs to just be the video file.

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