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1. How to find the TV Full screen resolution / Height / Width.
2. How to set the "viewport" for video as per the TV Full screen resolution(1920X1080), with out hard coding the co-ordinates.


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  • Hello Sushma,

    Viewport examples are found in the KONtx API Reference located here:


    and online here:


    and in the Media Player API Reference located here:


    Object getDefaultViewportBounds();

    Returns a bounds object with properties the same as setViewportBounds(). Currently all OEMs
    return {x:0, y:0, width:1920, height:1080}. The values for the returned object are subject to
    change as new OEM platforms are added. Always check for the proper values.

    Aspect Ratio Example

    The default viewport configuration for the media player has the (x,y) position at (0,0) and sets the width
    and height of the viewport to 1920 x 1080. To use the default viewport configuration for the media player
    use the following methods:


    The default viewport will stretch 4:3 content during playback on some devices. The video playback on
    the Simulator is not intended to be an indicator of video playback on the Connected TV device. If you
    want to configure the aspect ratio of video playback for 4:3 content without stretching you can set the
    viewport properties as follows:

    var bounds = {
    x: 333,
    y: 333,
    width: 640,
    height: 480

    To have video playback within a graphical boundary, for example letterboxing the video, you should
    create a background image with a transparent area. The graphical plane sits on top of the video plane,
    so the video will show through the transparent area in your graphical plane%u2019s background image.

    Hope this helps,

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