Dock locks up and keeps refreshing

I have been using a Debian box for widget development at my workplace, and a Vista box virtualized with an Ubuntu m/c image at home. Have keyboard issues with the Ubuntu image (cant get the single/double quote key to work. Notice the cant without an apostrophe? smile.gif )

Today I loaded the same Ubuntu image on a virtualized XP m/c at my workplace, and installed the WDK. Everything worked fine for a while, but after some time, I noticed strange behaviour with the widget dock. I simply could not get to the snippet view of my widget using the left/right arrow keys. The dock kept locking up and refreshing after I pressed the left/right arrow keys. Tried rebooting the Ubuntu VM, and the XP box without any luck.

Wonder if anyone else has faced a similar situation.

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  • I never met such a problem, that's a bit hard to judge if the dock control is the problem or not. However, I've heard something similar before. Hope someone can fix this.


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