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Hello everyone,

I just started creating a widget. I've read the Quick Start Guide, and found that the following images are used by a widget:
1. logo.png - used at the top of the sidebar;
2. loading.png - used as a transitional image while dock is loading;
3. placeholder.png - used for view-specific and profile-specific snippet images;
4. icon.png - used for the widget gallery, on about page, and other OEM-specific contexts.

What I haven't found is the size these images must have. Except for the icon.png which must be 44x44 pixels, I have no idea for the others...
Please guide me to where I can find this information.
Also it is not clear to me which image will appear on my application's snippet view, I suppose it's the placeholder.png file?


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  • Hello,

    You can find dimensions here:


    There are also example PSD files provided here:


    The loading.png and placeholder.png are the same size as your snippet image and are not required. More details can be found here:


    Your snippet is defined in your snippet view as shown here:

    * @author jstone

    var StaticDefaultSnippet = new KONtx.Class({
    title: 'StaticDefaultSnippet',

    Extends: KONtx.system.SnippetView,

    createView: function() {
    var container = new KONtx.element.Container({
    styles: $finance.styles.snippet.container,
    }).appendTo( this );
    new KONtx.element.Image({
    src: $finance.styles.images.snippet_placeholder,
    styles: $finance.styles.snippet.placeholder,

    Use the Sample Widgets as your guides:


    Hope this helps,
  • Thank you very much Kelly! Exactly what I was looking for!

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