Can widgets get access to the live TV stream?

I want to build a widget that needs programmatic access to the subtitles (or other timed text stream) that comes in on the live video feed (either from cable or over-the-air broadcast).  Is this possible with the Yahoo! WDK?  If not, is it on the roadmap for an upcoming release?

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  • We are not passing on any of the TV information including video stream, closed caption or other show data. We do not currently have plans to share this data from the TV directly to apps. What specifically are you looking to do with your app?
  • Hi Austin, thanks for the reply.

    The basic idea is to embed timed text into the video stream at the publisher's end.  Subtitles are a common example, but imagine what would be possible if the publisher could embed some JSON data in the stream, and then give access to that JSON data to the app running on the TV.  It would allow for a new generation of interactive television.  When I think "Smart TV", this is exactly the kind of thing I want to see.
  • Does overlay on top of data violate - The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

    Hello, I'm a new developer and want to create a Smart TV / connected TV app, however would like some help on the above question. I attended a meet up group where a LG presenter discussed 2nd screen apps. I asked about a SDK for overlay on top of broadcast and he shared that it was illegal and did not have any. I than shared that GTV has one social eye (third party) and shared that Yahoo TV and ESPN score center app can run along top / bottom / left / right of screen while content is being displayed. Please help I'm not sure how to pursue my app development with the conflicting info. Thks


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