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I am currently in the approval process with my widget.  In my widget, I maintain a list of the user's bookmarks as well as user information used to render content.  All information is stored in the currentAppData class, retrieved at launch and stored in a variable accessible to all views.

One of the pieces of feedback I got from the Yahoo team was that I should limit the amount of "global" variables that I maintain.  I was looking at these objects and wondering if it would be more efficient to simply grab them from currentAppData whenever I need them.  The caveat here is that I'm storing several of these objects as stringified JSON objects, and so I need to invoke the JSON.parse (and stringify) methods everytime I grab (or set) the data.  I guess what I'm asking is:  Is it more efficient to grab the info from currentAppData and parse JSON  when I need the data or use global objects that are filled at launch (and updated through any user actions)?

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  • Sorry, if it wasn't clear, one of the issues with my widget was that it is running out of memory.  It's only ocurring one one platform after heavy use, but i am trying to minimize my apps footprint on the system

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