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I recently read that the 2010 LG model TV's got new widgets add to their televisions but the 2009 models did not. From what I have read the 2009 models are using and older version of Yahoo Widget Software.

I was working on some very simple widgets (mostly to teach myself the basics) but would I be wasting my time if I am using the original WDK. If I get the newer WDK can I even test any widgets I create with it on my 2009 Model TV (42LH50)?

Any Ideas when this TV will get updated to the newer Yahoo Widget Software? LG Customer service has no idea...

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  • I have the same model and was wondering the same thing. I contacted LG and they said the TV is discontinued and will no longer be updated, what kind of support is that as I have only had it about 2 months and its out of date. The updates should be handled by Yahoo and not the manufacture, I know this model can handle the newer version and there is no excuse. I will continue to call LG to see if they will update to the newer version of Yahoo widgets. Cross your fingers as I want to stream video content too.
  • We bought the same model as a testing device last summer. It is great device. We would like to see it get updated as well. &l
  • From the Yahoo Connected TV Facebook Page

    "We are working on getting more for 2009 TVs. LG needs to update the software to make these widgets available. Unfortunately it's not up to Yahoo! for this update :(I just want to be reassured that an update IS coming... I've got 2 months left on my return policy. I'd rather not have to use it...

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